Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

A promo for the new TV show Agents of SHIELD was recently released on YouTube.  The TV show, which will air on ABC, follows the exploits of the SHIELD group from the Avengers movie.  The preview labels the show as being “from director Joss Whedon”.  Whether that’s just an acknowledgement that he made the movie the TV show is based on, or whether that’s saying he’s actually going to be directing the TV show, I’m not sure.

Either way, from the preview, it looks like it should be quite enjoyable.  It looks to be full of action and it looks like it will probably have a different, self-contained story every week.  As long as it doesn’t go the incredibly slow soap opera route of Once Upon a Time it should be quite enjoyable.  If Joss Whedon actually is directing it, that will bring even more to the table.

This seems to be an up-coming TV show to watch for.