Apple Video Game System

Though this can’t be confirmed yet, it’s rumored that Apple is working on its own video game system that will be based on iOS and built into the Apple TV.  This has been further supported by game-centric APIs found in the up-coming iOS 7.

With Google working on its own video game console, this should make for some interesting competition.

The advantage for Apple is many people instantly associate the name “Apple” with quality.  Also, iOS games are mostly written in the Objective C programming language which then gets compiled to native code, which tends to make iOS games faster and smoother.

Google has the advantage of having a more open ecosystem, but Android games are compiled into Java bytecode, which in turn runs on top of a Java virtual machine, which in turn runs on top of the system kernel.  This can degrade the system performance overall and can lead to the stuttering you see in some Android games, even when played on powerful Android tablets and phones.

If Apple can make their system smooth and easy to use, and if they keep the price of the Apple TV right at $99, Apple might attract some new customers that wouldn’t normally be Apple fans.


Apple Didn’t Invent Pinch and Zoom

Here’s an interesting little article talking about how Apple’s “pinch and zoom” patent was recently struck down by the US Patent and Trademark Office because they found prior art showing that Apple didn’t actually invent the idea.

Software patents are ridiculous in the first place and need to be done away with.  Copyrighting the code is enough.  Software patents just slow innovation, causing advancements to go much more slowly than they otherwise would.

To read the article, click here.