A Question of WordPress Numbers

Why is it you can write an article on WordPress, and it will get 15 likes and generate three more follows, but the WordPress stats say the article has only five views?  Shouldn’t the views be more in line with the likes as those people had to view the article in order to like it?  Or are the WordPress stats simply not accurate.


Picked Up the Dark Fantasy of Sundrah

I just picked up the Dark Fantasy of Sundrah for a good price.  I haven’t read through it yet but it looks interesting.  It seems to have a more of a classic fantasy RPG feel with a few updated twists.  I’ll write more about it after giving it a good read.

Machinarium Review

I recently got Machinarium for Linux as part of a recent Humble Bundle deal, though it’s available for a variety of platforms, and I just beat the game yesterday.

Machinarium is a graphic adventure game with the regular sorts of puzzles you’d expect from that genre, along with more traditional puzzles mixed in, like having to move pieces in just a certain way or activate lights in just a certain way to solve the puzzle and move on to the next.

There’s no dialog in the game.  The story is told completely through animated thought bubbles and sequences.  It’s very slick, and it works well.

Overall, I highly recommend this game.  You can learn more about it on the game’s wiki page or check out the game’s page itself.

Price of Ebooks

I’m getting close to finishing Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind, so I’ve been thinking of Stone of Tears, the second book in the series.

On Amazon, the mass market paperback version is $8.99, and the ebook version is $8.54.  That’s just silly.  Yes the ebook is less expensive than the print book, but not by much.  I’m not going to buy an ebook for $8.54.  In fact, I generally don’t buy ebooks that are more than $4.  I can get the print book used for about $4 after shipping, so that’s what I’m going to do.

This has an interesting side-effect.  If the ebook was priced lower, say at $4, I would buy that instead, and the author, Terry Goodkind, would get a percentage of that sale.  But because the price of the ebook is so high, I’ll be buying it used.  The person I buy the used book from will get the money, and the author won’t get any of it.

I know the author isn’t in charge of the ebook’s price, the publisher is, because he published through a publisher instead of publishing directly.  But if the ebook price was set more reasonably the author and the publisher would be making more sales, and more money, than they’re otherwise making.  As it is, my sale is going to the used book market.